A book you can’t put down.

Haunted inns are all the rage today, but few have as many ghosts as The Scott House in Ocala, Florida. In the room that once belonged to Elizabeth Scott, a TV ghost hunting crew found an 1893 copy of Sir Walter Scott’s classic poem, “The Lady of the Lake,” the lone remnant of the original Scott estate.

That’s when things got weird. As the film crew moved into the attic loft two stories up, they turned on the ceiling fan and the vintage book came flying off, hitting Nancy, their lead sleuth, in the head. When the crew returned home, Nancy was gobsmacked to find the book in her luggage. It now finds its way around her house on its own, somehow winding up behind the wastebasket, inside her china cabinet and even chilling in her refrigerator.

Filing cabinet under H for Haunted

Hey everyone welcome back were looking at haunted objects today take a closer look at this old filing cabinet.

Alice doesn’t know why she bought the ugly filing cabinet at that yard sale a few years ago. She didn’t need one, much less this sorely-worn mess. But for $5, she could return home with something. Unfortunately, her car stalled on the way home. And when her husband arrived and put the cabinet in his truck, it wouldn’t start. Once they got the cabinet home, Alice started having weird repetitive dreams about a ‘60s-vintage Donna Reed lookalike trying to start up conversations with her in her kitchen. Then she started seeing the woman in the house when she was awake. The guest soon led Alice to the filing cabinet, where they found a New York birth certificate for a woman simply named El, born in 1941.

Not just haunted places but haunted things.

I want to share some true stories in this next series and shine some light on these dark stories.

First let’s talk about the tallman bunk beds In the 1980s Alan and Debbi Tallman bought bunk bed on sale at a second hand shop. Not long after they brought the bunk bed home one of their sons became very sick out of nowhere. It was becoming very clear there was something with the bed, when the family heard voices throughout the house doors and windows would open and close lights turned on and off. At this point the youngest daughter claimed she had saw a witch standing over her in front of the bunk bed. After nine months of hell the family had the bunk bed destroyed.

In the comments below let me know if have seen or heard of any haunted objects. Stay spooky friends 👻

Checking in

Hello everyone I went mia for a short period of time. Hope everyone is doing okay and visited some haunted places. October is just around the corner and I will be posting blogs of new spots in South Carolina I’ve never visited before. I’m excited and hope you are as well as always stay spooky friends. ☠👻

Urban legends

From charleston’s haunted ship and inn. To haunted manisons around South Carolina. Today I want to share a place close to home for me. Musgrove Mill in Lauren’s county is a Plantation dated back to the 1800s. This property hide rebel solders from the British. Tons of solders were killed and died on the property. Rebels won the war and the British were killed along this historic site some say you can still here the canons firing.

Cry baby bridge

Everyone knows the legend of Crybaby Bridge. Some know the one in Anderson, which by far is the most famous one in South Carolina, and many know of another one. In fact, there are quite a few in South Carolina and nationwide. The one I will discuss is the one in Anderson, SC. This particular bridge has quite a history. It was originally built in Virginia in 1919, brought to Charleston, and the in 1952 was moved to Anderson. There are a few different ways this story goes, but the most popular is that there was an accident late one night. A mother lost her baby to the flow of the river. It is said that if you go on this bridge late at night you can hear the crying of a baby and if you are lucky you may even see the mother walking up and down the bridge searching for the child she lost so long ago.

South Carolina urban legends part 2

During the American Revolution a sentry for the British who was expecting returning soldiers was instead greeted by colonists led by General Francis Marion. Famously know for the swamp fox. At the Plantation outside Charleston his head was cut off and body staggered around before falling to the ground in a pool of blood. It is said that to this day this ghost haunts the Plantation still. He is dressed as a British dragoon and a trail of blood follows behind him according to local lore hes still searching for his head.

South Carolina urban legends part 1

According to legend, Lavinia Fisher was the first female serial killer in America. She and her husband John ran the Six Mile House, a place for weary travelers to rest north of Charleston. Lavinia would serve poisoned tea to her victims, who were usually wealthy men, then tuck them into a specific bed, a bed with a trap door beneath. With the pull of a lever, the body would fall into a pit beneath the house, where John would then rob their corpse.
One night, a man named John Peoples stopped over, and after being invited to tea discretely dumped the cup into a nearby plant because he didn’t enjoy tea, but was too polite to refuse. Finding Lavinia and her husband creepy, John claimed he was tired and went to bed. While he sat in a chair by the door, he watched his bed collapse into the pit below the house. In terror, he leapt out of the window and ran straight to Charleston where he reported everything to the police. They are said to have found all the bodies of Lavinia Fisher’s victims upon investigating. The Fishers were executed in 1820, and according to local legend, her spirit haunts the Charleston jail where she was hanged.

Magnolia Cemetery

Back to haunted Charleston for this unique Cemetery visit this one is on my listed of creepy places to visit. The history Magnolia Cemtery The cemetery was constructed during 1850, on plans laid out by Edward C. Jones, and included a Gothic chapel also designed by Jones which no longer exists. The chapel, which was located near the entrance to the cemetery, remained under construction until early 1851. All though Charleston has tons of public cemeteries few was rival the Magnolia Cemetery. Over 33,000 people are buried here. Authors, poets, respected people of the cities.

According to Denise Roffe in her Ghosts and Legends of Charleston South Carolina, the likeness is a death mask and one of the few such things on a grave in the United States.